How to add Bedrock to your WordPress Work Environment

Modern WordPress Workflow In this tutorial I will show you my solution for a quick and easy way to setup and configure Bedrock by roots to use as a base for your WordPress projects. Bedrock is the modern way to install, configure and manage WordPress for a much more pleasant development experience in my opinion … Continued

How to add a CSS Grid Navigation Menu

In this tutorial I will show you how easy it is to add a fully responsive navigation menu to your website, using HTML, CSS grid and a little JavaScript. CSS grid is the new modern way to build responsive websites without having to use CSS library’s such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize and more of the … Continued

Bootstrap 4 Navigation in Sage 9

Learning Sage starter theme for WordPress Creating custom WordPress websites with sage 9 starter theme in 2019 is a fun and modern way to develop. Lets face it, building web apps or sites with modern technologies such as React, Angular or Vue has a nice development experience. This is what I have found with sage … Continued

How to replace a button with “Read More” in woo-commerce

Here is how you would customize your WooCommerce default button to display a “Read More” button with price included. This will only apply in a certain category you wish to choose. In some cases you may not want to use the “Add to Cart” button and may need to customize certain categories in your website … Continued

Custom WordPress Rest API Plugin

The WordPress REST API gives us endpoints to pull data types from our content management system (CMS) that allow us to work with websites remotely by sending and receiving JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) objects. I have been working with the WordPress API now for some time and it’s a great way of turning a WordPress website into a … Continued

How to Add an Angular 6 Contact Form and Firebase

Angular 6 Blazing-fast Websites Having a Angular web app does have it perks but it also can be challenging, especially with the regular updates being scheduled every 6 months does come with some braking changes 🙁 So its fun for developers to constantly update there code, only joking. But having a fast website does have … Continued

Learn Angular 6 and the WordPress API, Headless CMS

Benefits of Angular Javascript Framework The great thing about the Angular framework is that a lot of the work is done for you, under the hood so to speak. The Angular command line interface (cli) tool is among the best within the JavaScript world. It’s quick and easy to build out components, services and things … Continued

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