Terms & Conditions

eWebDesign creates world aspiring website for all types of business industries. Leading the way in web development using the latest web technologies to speed up and optimise your site, for the best performance connecting you to the world today!

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions set out below, form part of a contract between eWebDesigns and the client.

Validity of Proposal

The prices are all valid for the period of the contract.

Commencement of Work

Begining projects will only commence following the start up fee of the choosen Website package as detailed in its offer to the client.

Services To Be Provided

eWebDesigns will provide the web design, web development and web hosting service as detailed in its offer to the client for the term and the payment specified in their offer.

We provide 4 packages named: 1. Lite, 2. Standard, 3. Business 4. Ecommerce.

We will provide the client a FREE domain name for first 2 years (registered in your name/business name).

We will provide the client 5 FREE stock images. We will provide the website for the client to choose their images.

Final delivery of project will occur within 10 business days from commencement and is dependent on the prompt delivery of content by the client.

Additional services requested beyond those detailed in the offer will be negotiated.


  1. The client agrees to pay the setup fee before commencement of work.
  2. The client agrees to pay the full outstanding balance on completion of work as detailed in its offer.
  3. All payments are required by PayPal or direct deposit to a bank account specified by
  4. Once full payment is received, it is agreed that the client will have the exclusive right to retain and have full ownership of their website.
  5. eWebDesigns will endeavour to contact you by email to inform you of any due payments.
  6. Failure to meet your payment obligation, without prejudicing eWebDesigns rights to recover any overdue payments, your website may be suspended or terminated by Written Notice to you.


eWebDesigns provides a 1 month warranty period from the final launch date for any programming issue that might arise. The warranty period will take effect after the completion of the project and once the client has provide written sign off to launch the website.

Website Maintenance

eWebDesigns will complete any necessary rectifications or upgrades as required for WordPress or any related plugins as part of your monthly fee for the length of your plan.

Should there be any required maintenance or upgrades for your website to remain secure and guarantee the integrity of the host server which is considered over and above the usual inclusions, we will provide you a quotation for your approval.

All changes or updates to the site, as requested by the client will require written acceptance to be supplied for proposal that will outline the work agreed.

Client Changes

Client changes made in addition to the agreed proposal term permitted after the optimise and launch stage will be charged at our standard hourly rates.

Cancellation of Service

Should the client decide to cancel the services this must be done in writing and email to us. Minimum contract period 2 years for a minimum cost of $1139 . (we will deduct payments received).

Third Party Integration

Integration with third party software can only be implemented with the current version of API’s

or software available during the time of development. eWebDesigns cannot guarantee that future updates of third party software will still remain compatible with the website. Changes and upgrades to software and API’s to stay compatible with the site will be charged at our hourly rate.

Backup & Data Loss

eWebDesigns provide a full backup system of your website.  In case of any data loss or corruption we will restore your website back to its original condition free of charge.

In an addition you may wish to have you site backed up more frequently, daily, weekly or monthly. Setup software for frequently backed website will be charged a storage fee and our hourly rate.

Goods & Services Tax

GST is charge for fees, services, rates or prices quoted at an additional 10%


eWebDesigns treats all clients website applications and business relationship dealings as confidential. We will not divulge any proprietary information during or thereafter to any third parties unless deemed necessary without previous consent in writing of the client.


The client remains reasonable for the content of the website and/or any promotional material. Material supplied by the client for the their website and blog, including information, text, images, sounds, audio visual, graphic works, or any copyright material, needs permission of use. We shall assume that our client has obtained such permission.


eWebDesigns shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the client from any cause whatsoever and will not be responsible for any consequential damages suffered by the client or by another party.

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